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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

how I won the Liebster Award

Helen nominated me for a Liebster Award, honoring undeserved obscurity among bloggers. This nomination is similar to President Obama's premature Nobel Peace Prize in that I must retroactively earn it. In my case, by answering five questions posed by Helen. Consider my answers five Constitutionally rationalized drone strikes against my competitors! 

1. Assuming you are a reader as well as a writer, name two of your favorite protagonists, one male and one female.   
My favorite characters are Fanny Price in Mansfield Park, whose intelligence, hilariously, is neither noticed nor cultivated by other characters in her book; Lucy Snow in Villette, for her clenched honor, quiet rage and hope; and Mary Poppins, whose occult allegiances are magically invisible to fundamentalists who burn Harry Potter. Middle class without money, Lucy Snowe, Fanny Price, and Mary Poppins embody the paradoxes of petite bourgeois lifeenviable in a global context, yet struggling in their own.

 2. What has been the (or one of the) most rewarding experience related to writing your blog? 

3. What is your favorite post in your own blog (or post that makes you proudest)? 
    Be Your Own Gay, A Purloined Letter, Preservationists, and the ones from our hikes.

4. What are some things you do besides blogging?  Home improvement. 

 5. If you had to give an acceptance speech for the Liebster award in front of a live audience, who would you thank and what would you wear?  
At the ceremony for the Liebster Award, Helen, who nominated me, would stand on the steps of the Liebster Institute in a long white gown, hang the Leibster medallion around my neck, beam at the masses, and thank me for saving the Blogosphere. I would thank Helen, and after coyly and cryptically coming out, thank my boyfriend Qui-Gon Jinn becauseI would be wearing Ewan MacGregor in his fully bearded Obi Wan mode, eyes sparkling with beneficence, earthtone bathrobe over linen tunic, faux suede boots, lightsaber, and the boxers Qui-Gon bought me, fairly traded, handmade by Ewoks from their own soft wool.

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