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Sunday, February 18, 2007

hedgehogs, zombies, appetite

I dreamed about an opossum who was dreaming about eating a hedgehog. The opossum woke feeling great satisfaction at having eaten the hedgehog. But it had only been an opossum dream--the hedgehog was fine! I showed the opossum the hedgehog, and laughed. In the dream I felt glad the hedgehog escaped.

Now I feel a little sorry for the opossum.

We were on a  tropical island, and knew zombies were on their way when porkpie hats started washing up on shore. A sure sign of zombies. I kept an eye out for pale and creepy looking people with porkpie hats, though did not see any.
A reporter showed up and asked us about the invasion. "When did you first sense something was seriously wrong?" I said it was the hats. My friend said she sensed something weird was in the wind even before that.
When things start going wrong, sometimes it's tough to look back and pinpoint the exact moment you knew it.

I challenged Matt to interpret these dreams. He said since I am writing metafiction, now I am having metadreams. That was quick thinking on just waking up. I think they have to do with being a vegetarian. On some level, a vegetarian is at war with the natural order. Vegetarianism is an implied critique of the food web as it now stands, and, if there is a creator, an implied critique of the creator. God may prescribe violence to answer appetite, but I reject that violence and tame my appetite.

Still, there may be a lingering sense of ill ease at being out of step with the hungry universe, with all its greedy opossums and flesh-eating zombies.

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