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Sunday, September 23, 2007

early autumn Sunday morning in Philadelphia

It was about a year ago this weekend Jane and I took a little road trip out to Germantown, to attend the service at Germantown Mennonite. I go a couple times a year.
I walked through Center City to find my car, and photographed the alley above.
We got to Germantown and saw these great flowers:

I am crazy about the color blue so these flowers really got me going.
The Mennonites do all a-capella singing in four part harmony. There is no choir. Germantown Mennonite meets in an old Meetinghouse with a wood floor, so the sound is great. Beautiful but also plain and authentic.
After church Jane and I went to Mugshots, a cafe in Manayunk. The sky over Manayunk was really blue.

It was a good day for blue.
I wore my Uncle Albert's mohair jacket. It has so much personality. Like it spent so much time hanging around with my uncle it picked up some of his humor and style. Here it is in the cafe:

I love this time of year, when you can feel summer losing its grip, and fall coming in.


Kater said...

Nice Photos.

Those flowers are 'Batchelor's Buttons'.


Anonymous said...

Yes...the pictures made me nostalgic for Philly, which I used to visit when my daughter was at school there.

Aren't the flowers cornflowers, though? Or is that the same thing?


Desirina said...

Wow. I love that picture of the alley. It's gorgeous.

I know the flowers as cornflowers as well. Its cornflower blue!

In Oregon one would occasionally see vast fields of them. I never figured out. They were some of my favorite flowers though.

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