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Saturday, January 30, 2010

rittenhouse square, philadelphia

William Penn laid out four parks in his original plan for the city (the smaller Center Square, where City Hall is now, makes a fifth). Above you see Rittenhouse Square, which has a bit of an old money vibe, but is nevertheless a hangout for every possible demographic and is one of the healthiest urban spaces I've ever seen. (My father claims it was the heart of hippiedom back in his youth, with Sansom Street acting as the hippie boulevard leading toward it).

The white Christmas lights in Rittenhouse were just taken down, so I've posted this picture as a kind of backward glance--took it a few weeks ago. I think the uber-tasteful white lights are chosen for this park so that the sensibilities of the remaining old money WASPS needn't be offended by colors.

But if you are coming into the city from New Jersey, you will see that the jubilant and riotous green and orange Christmas lights are up in Franklin Square for you still.

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