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Friday, October 08, 2010

defying Dr. Johnson, street artists donate sacred joy and monsters

prague, pine wolf 1-10, xmas 09 321

I tend to agree with Samuel Johnson's No man but a blockhead ever wrote but for money, so why do I admire street artists? Philadelphia is rich in warm, humane, funny, and clever street art--my favorite example is the bike-rack cozy knitted with the words LOOK UP, spurring the viewer to discover a knitted monster concealed in a tree just above.

(Everyone who sees this laughs with joy: if humor is one of my personal sacraments, this unknown street artist is a priest.)

The free monster art you see above (and below) surprised me in Prague. I like the humor and the challenge of it: If a toothy monster can stop hurting animals, couldn't we all?

prague, pine wolf 1-10, xmas 09 320

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